Bored of the same old parties with predictable and done-to-death themes? Well, it is time to try out the moustache theme which is sure to entertain and excite the guests like never before. Being one of the cutest birthday themes ever, Moustache theme is as loved by the adults as it is by the kids.

Moustache printed supplies and decorations: Moustache printed paper straws, napkins, plates, cups, tumblers, balloons, streams, danglers, table covers, ice cream cup sets, lanterns, tissue papers, etc can be procured to set a perfect ambiance for the party. You can also wrap moustache duck tape around the back of the chairs. Moustache theme activities: You can use moustache creation stations and offer simple supplies to let the kids crate their own moustaches.

Moustache party colour theme: The best colour schemes for a Moustache themed party would be white, black, red or navy as these colours lend a vintage barber shop flair to this theme.

Moustache Photo Booth: Set up an exciting photo booth by decorating a large frame and setting it up in a corner. The kids stick up different types of moustaches and get themselves clicked. You can also use a large board that has a giant moustache glues on top. Moustache theme favours: Moustache socks, Moustache key chains, Moustache lollipops, Sheet of stick-on moustaches, Moustache straws are some of the favours that will be loved by the kids. Moustache theme Giveaways: A Moustache madness Pinata stuffed with candies and party favours can be used as giveaways. Moustache whistles, tootsies rolls, moustache stickers, confetti, lollipops are otherMoustache party favour ideas. One can take photos of kids wearing their favourite moustache and get it printed before the end of the party so that they can take it away with them.