Every girl dreams of being a princess and you can make her feel truly special by gifting her a princess themed party on her birthday. The idea of castles, horses, flowing gowns and tiaras will take her and her friends in the world of fairytales. Here are some ideas for a princess theme kitty party:

Think Pink: Pink is the colour associated with sweetness, tenderness and playfulness. Little girls just love this colour. Decorate the walls with bog cut-outs of Cinderella or Snow White wearing pink gowns. Streamers, bows, ribbons and balloons in pink can be used for decorations all around. Jazz up the tables with pink covers and mats. Lavender, white, purple and silver are colours that can be used in combination with pink.

Princess Theme eatables: Raspberry lemonade, pink cupcakes, strawberry desserts, cotton candy etc. are eatables that will match the mood of the Princess theme party perfectly.

Princess theme games: You can organize games like dress up the dolls, Musical tiaras, sew bows on a gown, colour the hair with glitter etc. to make the party more fun.

Princess theme cake: Apart from doll and princess shaped cakes, you can try out cakes in the shape of a big castle or in the shape of a large tiara. Printing cakes with images of Cinderella or Snow White and layered cakes would look as good.

Princess theme favours: Princess printed bags will just be pat for a lavish Princess themed birthday party. Other favours that would just do as well are personalized candy packs,

Princess Theme Decorations and supplies: Princess themed hanging swirls, party banners, confetti, party cups and plates, cake candles, party napkins, tiaras are some of the decorations and supplies that will surely add life to the party. A large throne added at one corner will make for a good selfie point for the young girls.