Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman or Spiderman- Kids just love superheroes. There are plenty of ideas that you can use to organize a perfect Superhero themed party for your little one. Whether they are saving the city or the planet, the young superheroes will thoroughly enjoy make-believe world of Superheroes. Decoration a party on Superhero theme can be much fun and here are some of the ideas that you can take help from:

Superman theme Decorations: Large cut-outs of the chosen Superhero at the entrance and all around the walls is the obvious decoration item. You can also use iconic Boom, and Thwack signs all around. Streamers, tissue paper decorations, and danglers in accordance with the theme will create a perfect ambience for a rocking party.

Superman Theme Supplies: Vibrant cups and tumblers, Superhero printed plates, Superhero eye masks and capes, Superhero printed invitations, stamps, Superhero party paper straws, confetti, table covers, banners etc. are some of the supplies that will add a zing and a lot of excitement to the party.

Superhero giveaways: Superhero inspired toys and giveaways like Superhero comics, Superhero personalized favour bags, Kickballs, magnets etc. will make the young boys remember the party for a long time. Favour bags with Superhero themed stickers, wrist-bands, tattoos and bubbles will also be loved by the kids.

Superhero Photobooth: Cut-out silhouettes of a lightning bolt or of a star or crescent along with masks, capes, wands and armour will serve as good ideas to form a good photobooth. One can also layout props on the ground on which the kids can lie to look as if they are flying or leaping over a building.

Superhero Theme food and games: Superhero sugar cookies in shapes of bats and lightning bolts are a great idea. Games like Kryptonite hunt, face and hand painting, decorating your own mask, Superhero craft station can be organized to get the mood just right.