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  1. Superhero Theme

    KABOOM ! BAM ! POW ! It’s party time now. Boy or girl , kids love the idea of saving the world. What better party would there be for a young hero at heart than a superhero themed party? Who doesn’t love being a Superhero! The Power, The Coolness, The Heroism! Every child’s ultimate dream! Make them live it, turn your place into a super world with our Superhero themed Party Dabba. Read More
  2. Underwater Theme

    The vibrant colours of the ocean made it fun making this underwater themed party! Custom made balloons including a giant octopus were hanging from the celling along with our colorful handmade pom-poms. Danglers and streamers of the friendly fishes of the sea danced their way through the party and created an underwater ambience like never before! Read More
  3. Pirate Theme

    YO-HO-HO off to a Pirate parrrrty we go. Every child had their own hand crafted pirate hate and eye patch! A pirate photo booth was also set up to capture the crazy pirates! Streamers and Danglers with cut outs of pirates, swords and even skulls were up and about. By the end of party, each pirate took home a little treasure to remember their voyage across the seven seas. Read More
  4. Princess Theme

    Surprise your little princess to a party worthy of royalty by turning your entire home into an enchanted land with items customized in this royal, fun, and pretty Princess themed Party Dabba. Read More
  5. Moustache Theme

    We decided to try something new by pulling off a Moustache party! Streamers and Danglers had cut outs of moustaches, ties and bow ties! We hand crafted the packaging for the return gifts by adding suspenders, buttons and bowties! In the end, it was a great moustache bash! Read More

5 Item(s)

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